IPkill FAQ

What is the advantage of using short links?

With a link shortener like IPkill-org, you may create short links fast and free to convert links like the link below:


Into a shorter version such as:


After this, you may share this short link on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and any other social network of your choice. Futher, you may send this link via email, WhatsApp or Skype. Like any other web link a shortened link may be embedded into a website or comment, to hide affiliate links or long tail links.

Why do links expire?

Short URL will expire when less that one visitor passed on this link in the last 365 days.

Short URL will also expire when the creator of this URL has set a time limit in the "Link expires on" section.

Can I create a temporary link, which should remove itself after a certain number of clicks or time?

Yes. You can let your link expire after a specified period of time or let a link disappear after a predefined number of users have been passed through this link.

Can i create a password protected link?

Yes. While shrinking a link, you may set a password. Such a link can only be visited when the visitor has the password for it.

Is there a limit of URLs i can create with IPfaker.org?

No. There is no limit of URLs created by a user.

How can i keep track of visitors clicked on my link?

Add the ~s at the end of your short link and see how many times your link was visited as well as some general statistics about visitor's country and browser software.

How long will a link exist?

A shortened URL will be kept forever as long as at least one visitor in 365 days will follow this link.

If a link has not been visited within the last 365 days by at least one visitor, the link will be automatically removed from the system

How can i manage all my links and create link collections??

To make it easier to create, sort, edit and delete your links, you can create a user account which is free of charge and gives you more control over your shortened links.
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