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IPkill is a Free URL Shortener. Ipkill will shrink a Long URL to a Short and Memorable link. You may set a custom path title to inform the users about the linked website or file. Ipkill redirects your link fast and anonymous. No Ads No wait times.

All shortened links will be redirected without delay. This way IPkill.org is suitable to create direct links for website graphics, blog pictures or downloadable files. IPkill.org also allows you to create affiliate links without losing affiliate cookies. For example Amazon link or Commission Junction link will be created in a manner that ensures that the affiliate partner will receive his commission.

Security: No IP-address will be saved. IPkill.org as well as Anonlink.com do not store IP-addresses of users who have passed through a shortened URL.

Supported protocols: https, mailto, rtmp, magnet, ftps, ftp, news, ed2k, rtmpt, mms.

This means: You can shorten links for Video and Audio streaming, e-Mail addresses, MMS links, Magnet URI, RSS feeds, News Reader links, FTP links, Encrypted http and FTP protocols, Usenet reader links.

All links are scanned with:
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