IPkill is a Free URL Shortener. Ipkill will shrink a Long URL to a Short and Memorable link. You may set a custom path title to inform the users about the linked website or file. Ipkill redirects your link fast and anonymous. No Ads No wait times.

Create a short URL without Ads.


Hide referer information by using dereferer http://ipkill.org/go/

May contain letters, underscores, dashes and numbers (Max. lenght 40 characters).
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Supported protocols: https, mailto, rtmp, magnet, ftps, ftp, news, ed2k, rtmpt, mms

This means: You can shorten links for Video and Audio streaming, e-Mail addresses, MMS links, Magnet URI, RSS feeds, News Reader links, FTP links, Encrypted http and FTP protocols, Usenet reader links.

Automatic URL shortener Browser Bookmarklets

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Go to any website and click on this Bookmark entry.
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Mailto link: mailto:president@whitehouse.gov
Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:sha1:YNCKHTQCWBTRNJIV4WNAE52SJUQCZO5C
HTTPS link: Any regular URL that begins with "https://"
RTMP link: rtmpt://
FTP: ftp://ftp.adobe.com/
News: news://newsgroup
ED2K: ed2k://|file|The_Two_Towers-The_Purist_Edit-Trailer.avi|14997504|965c013e991ee246d63d45ea71954c4d|/
MMS: mms://video.movie.com:80/VII/streaming.asf

Fast Text Paste

Share your text and links fast and easy.

Free and fast dereferer. https://ipkill.org/go/

Use URL dereferer to avoid the Backtracking of URLs.
Many File hosting services using HTTP referrer information to disable download links on the whole site.
After derefering a link, the destination site cannot see from where a visitor came.

Link without dereferer: http://www.whatismyreferer.com/
Link with dereferer: http://ipkill.org/go/?http://www.whatismyreferer.com/


Do not put a deferred link into URL shortener.
But you can derrefer a shortened link.

IPkill - Free Internet Anonymizer.

Adjust the Right options before Starting.

IPkill Options clarification.

Enable Surf-bar; Show you an Surf-bar at the Top of every page, you can give new address without return to start page.
Disable Java scripts; Filter all scripts from visited websites. Java scripts become not functionable. Many interactive web sites does need Java scripts but they are also used to implement tracking codes into a website. Enable this function for more Anonymity.
Enable Cookies; Allow your Cookies to be stored on the Server. The Cookies are flushed every 120 minutes, you may need log-in a website again after this time period.
Load Graphics; Enable Graphiques on visited websites. Enable this function to save your bandwidth and avoid tracking-graphiques to be loaded into your internet browser.
Send Refferer; Enable this function to view the website where you surfing from. Some websites deniying access to content if there is no referer was sent via http request.
Encode with ROT13; Encrypt the address of the visited website via rot13. This will help you to keep your browser history obfuscated.
Encrypt via Base64; This will encrypt the link of anonymized website via base64. This help you to bypass some filters based on domain names.
Hide Descriptions and Tags; Rip-off all the website tags and descriptions from the website you visit anonymous.
Hide Title; Remove the website titles of the desired website.
Session Cookies Only; Allow Cookies to be stored for this session only (The Cookies are gone after you leave this website).

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